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What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are an alternative digital currency, similar to FOREX, with highly significant advantages, such as that they are not centralized, governed by any government and have impenetrable public accounting, which guarantees security, integrity and balance.

What is the difference between currencies?

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, are a type of virtual currency that does not have a specific issuer, that are protected by cryptography and that their coherence is protected by a massive and distributed verification of its users.

Therefore, cryptocurrencies are virtual and digital money. But unlike other virtual currencies, they do not have centralized control, but are distributed and based on cryptography to avoid manipulation of their members.


How can I open an account to get started?
Once the concept of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is understood, the next step to follow is to acquire your first Bitcoin, since it is the main cryptocurrency, the one with the most massive use and with which you can access other cryptocurrencies. Perhaps you are thinking: "but a Bitcoin costs thousands of dollars and I don't have all that money ..." The good news is that Bitcoin is divisible up to 8 decimal ; In simple terms this means that you can buy Bitcoin fractions of up to 0.00000001 Bitcoin, which to date has a cost much less than $ 1 US dollar.
There is no general rule on what should be the minimum amount with which you should start to buy Bitcoin, but at CRYPTNET we recommend a minimum amount required by the EXCHANGE platform of 0.007, which today is around $ 50, of course, It all depends a lot on your personal situation, your goals, and of course, your financial situation, but always follow these tips:
⦁ Never spend or invest more money than you are willing to lose

⦁ Never put your financial assets, your assets or the basic survival of your family at risk.

⦁ Don't go into debt for buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

⦁ Be totally suspicious of those people or companies that want to capture or manage your cryptocurrencies.

⦁ Only buy Bitcoin from trusted companies or people with whom you can verify its reputation and quality (In CRYPTNET  we recommend or other secure Exchange such as Kraken,Binance, Coinmama, Buda ...) Always check the regulation laws from your country .

We Trade on Different exchanges.But all works the same.Once you have your Bitcoin fractions of your Bitcoin you have to transfer them from the site where you bought them to your account previously created in:




and once you have given us the receipt of your payment and your cell number you are ready to receive your first Signal and start earning!

 How to receive FIAT money?
To convert your earned BTC to Your FIAT currency, you simply have to withdraw them from the EXCHANGE account to the favorite Exchange as and convert them to your local currency

What is FIAT money?
The term "Fiat" comes from Latin and its meaning is "so be it" or "let it be done". That name is explained by its existence, by decree, it does not have the support of any type of metal, neither gold nor silver, so its value is fiduciary. Money itself is worth nothing, yet it has the value that is arbitrarily assigned by consensus. Trustee comes from the Latin ‘fidare’ which translated comes to mean ‘trust’ or ‘trust’. We all trust money as a medium of exchange, be it currency or paper money. In summary FIAT accounts are: EURO, DOLLAR, YEN, YUAN, PESOS ... etc.

When do I start to see real results?
Most of our Members see profits and increase in their capital from the 1st signal and in the remaining 9 of the month they are already above 90% of what they invested from the beginning.

Do I have to pay taxes to operate in cryptocurrencies?
None, one of the advantages of cryptocurrencies is that since they are not regulated by any government, they do not have taxes, now; When transferring BTC to Fiat, depending on the amount, you may incur some type of "tax" according to the regulations of each country with incoming transactions in your local currency.

Can I withdraw whenever I want?
YES, CRYPTNET  do not oblige, nor do we have permanence clauses, if you are not satisfied with the month of the 10 signals and our service, you do not have to renew the payment and withdraw without any obligation

Am I charged any commission on the operations?
None, CRYPTNET only charges signal service per month. There is no other charge.

Do I have to give my personal, financial data to be able to operate?
Not at all !, Your information is personal, we seriously apply privacy policies and in CRYPTNET we are not interested in capturing Data from anyone.

How does Cryptnet support me?
All our Clients have full support in tutorials ,education and personalized help from our team through WhatsApp, networks and email.
What is the function of CRYPTNET in the business? The function of CRYPTNET is to give our clients signs of how to operate a cryptocurrency through messages via WhatsApp, when to enter a purchase or sale, and where to get a profit goal, for example: # sell XBT Between: 7260 $ -7300 $ Targets: 7200 $ -7180 ​​$ -7150 $ -7070 $ -7000 $ -6900 $ STOP LOSS: 7600 $


What Tools should I have to start with CRYPTNET Signals ?

The first thing you should know is the formula to calculate leverage:


Here is the video where it is explained better:

The second thing you should do is be guided by this table to quickly calculate how many X can be leveraged:

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