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A.I based algorithms

We provide honest and professional investment services to all of our clients. As  successful Financial Traders in traditional markets and Crypto markets, we believe in creating value to people without knowledge of the markets, allowing us to provide them with premium Cryptocurrencies and Stocks Signals. Our priority is maximize to our members investments in both the short and long-term future.

Hybrid set of markets Indicators

Our hybrid set of market indicators, A.I.based algorithms and risk strategies ensure high profits with low risk. As a Team we operate between 50 and 60 trades per month, and we carefully filter the precision and risk of each one in order to share the best  Signals with our members.


Broadcast list Whatsapp

The signals are sent through the broadcast list on Whatsapp. And operated on BITMEX, BINANCE , and Plus500 platforms.
Crypto Members receive 10 + signals every month. Stock Members 5+ signals every month. These signals are actual operations that we are doing with details on what Cryptocurrencies and stocks to buy, where the ideal entries should be and where the goals should come out with great profits, *40-60% ROE (Return on Equity) monthly!

Prices and services

*CRYPTO MEMBERS 1 month -100$ (0.012 BTC payments ONLY) the rate may vary according to the equivalent of $ 100.

STOCK MEMBERS 1 month -50$ (0.0060 BTC payment ONLY) the rate may vary according to the equivalent of $ 50.
* Wallet for PAYMENTS IN BTC: 1Kp2GPHJ3digcFz7bD5NgcF1vs51xcdfrE
* Payments are received at the end of each month.
* The 10 & 5 signals are valid from day 1 of the month to 30 (31).
* To guarantee your monthly membership  send your whats app number with international code and a copy (photo) with bitcoin transfer date to

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Innovative Investing

Some people are too busy to sit around and watch the prices of stocks or cryptocurrencies as they go up and down every day. CRYPTNET just focus on that. As professional traders with more that 18 years of experience in markets, we monitor 24/7 in search of the Best premium signals. This unique combination of monitoring and analysis gives our members timely signals just before an important price action on the best cryptocurrencies and stocks .


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The above references are only an opinion intended for informational purposes only. They are not meant to be an investment advice. Cryptnet will not be responsible for any loss you may incur after our opinion.

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